Landscape Industry Certified Technician is a national designation, with recognition across North America.  It is an industry-developed program that sets and maintains standards for the landscape industry.  In becoming certified, each individual has undergone a combined written and practical examination that tests knowledge, technical skills and safety practices.The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) administers and markets this certification designation nationally, continuing to uphold the standards set by the Landscape Design Sector Group.

Currently, the technician evaluation and designation is available for the following horticultural sectors:

Why certification and why now?

With the current popularity of landscape and gardening in society, landscape companies find it increasingly difficult in today’s market to position themselves as professionals with a high degree of competence and knowledge. The certification process can verify and prove to potential clients that they are qualified individuals, with the professional stature of Landscape Technicians.


  • A minimum of 2000 hours (1 year) of work experience is highly recommended before the examination process is begun.

Written Tests:

  • Written tests are designed to measure an overall comprehension of the trade.
  • The written portion of the test can be taken anytime of the year or just prior to the practical test. Check the test date and location schedule.
  • The written tests will vary in length; however allow 2.5 hours for the full CLT test.
  • All written portions are also usually offered at industry events such as Expo, Congress or Canada Bloom

Hands On Test:

  • The hands on tests measures an individual’s level of competence through a series of stations.
  • The candidate is required to successfully perform specific tasks within a specified period of time in the presence of a qualified industry judge.
  • Depending on the industry sector, a total of up to 11 hands on stations must be completed successfully.


  • A minimum grade of 70 per cent is required on each of the written tests and hands on stations before certification status can be obtained.
  • All candidates who achieve a passing grade in some or all of the written and hands on exams will receive a letter indicating achievements to date.

Candidates are encouraged to purchase study manuals and seek additional information sources or tutors for areas in which they are less experienced and/or register for a Certification Prep course. Seminar Guide.

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