How do I Become a Landscape Industry Certified Technician/Certified Retail Horticulturist?

Certified Landscape TechniciansSteps to Getting Started

  • Complete the registration form
  • Purchase a study manual
  • Receive your test book, plant list and description of the testing stations and STUDY.
  • Remember Safety is the key to success. (please read our SAFETY POLICY)
  • Enjoy your status as one of North America’s Qualified, Trusted, Recognized horticultural professionals.

Prior Industry Experience:

It is strongly recommended that candidates have at least 2,000 hours (1 year) of landscape industry experience.

Testing Process:

The certification of an individual’s competency is accomplished through a series of written and hands-on evaluations.

  • Written exams are designed to measure an overall showbox comprehension of the trade.
  • The written portion of the exam is usually taken just prior to the hands-on test and is generally 2.5 hours long.  All written portions are also usually offered by your provincial association at industry events.
  • The hands-on tests measure an individual’s level of competence through a series of stations.
  • The candidate is required to successfully perform specific tasks within a specified period of time in the presence of a qualified industry judge.
  • Depending on the industry sector, a total of up to 11 stations must completed successfully.
  • A minimum grade of 70% is required for all problems before certification status can be obtained.

A pre-evaluating orientation process is also available in most provinces.


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