Common Core (60 min.)
Hardscape Plan Reading (45 min.)
Hardscape Principles and Calculations (45 min.)


Chainsaw – Problem 6.25, 9.25 (15 min.)
You were not the last one to use the chainsaw. You need showbox to check everything to make sure it is safe to use. Safety is most important when using a chainsaw. All safety equipment will be provided and needs to be worn. When ready, start the chainsaw and cut a section off the log.

Grading and Drainage – Problem 6.61 (35 min.)
The grading area provided is a wooden frame partially filled with sand. Add or remove sand as needed to create a swale to match the detail. Take note of the front of the box. The judge will provide you with a copy of the plan. You may first take all your measurements and write them on the working copy of the plan. An architect scale, a long straightedge and a measuring tape are provided, along with hand tools. Remember, this is also a drainage test. All areas of the box must drain to the catch basin that you have installed.

Instrument – Problem 6.62 (15 min.)
Your supervisor asked you to demonstrate your ability to use a survey instrument. An area has been set out to represent the front stoop steps (A) and a point out in the front yard (B). You must demonstrate how to handle and set up the equipment. Next, accurately record the two elevations and the distance apart. Calculate the change in elevation. Indicate the lowest point.

Paver Installation – Problem 6.63 (80 min.)
Complete a small paving stone project. Your co-worker has already completed the excavation. The aggregate base preparation is almost finished. You only need to do the final base preparation and create a two per cent slope. The header board at the end represents the correct finished height of the paver pad. Continue with showbox on PC the edging, sand base, installation and compaction. The saw and compactor have been checked for fluids and are ready for use. Allow time to disassemble the test at the end of the period.

Skid-Steer Operation – Problem 6.64 (35 min.)
Your employer has set-up a course to test your operating skills before you will be allowed to use the equipment to fill a real truck. The first step is checking that the machine is ready for safe operation. Attach the bucket. The traffic cones outline the course and are far enough apart that they should not be touched. The task is to move material from the pile, through the course and dump it over the side of a simulated truck. You must return through the course. Then, demonstrate grading and cleaning the area with the equipment. Finally, detach the bucket before parking the machine.