Preparing for the Exam:

An actual test booklet is included in the exam registration fee, which describes testing stations. The Installation, Maintenance, Irrigation and Retail Horticulturist training manuals can be purchased for $110.00 by CNLA members or $150.00 by non members. (plus tax and shipping)

Candidates are encouraged to seek additional information sources or tutors for areas in which they are less experienced.

CNLA offers a Canadian landscape plants and flash card learning module. This is an online guide to 350 popular plants used in Canadian landscaping. This is an excellent resource to help prepare for Plant ID.  To access it, contact CNLA for login information and follow the link to the CNLA Plant Learning Module at the bottom of this page.

How to Take the Test:

  • Contact CNLA for exam dates, applications and study materials (candidates in Ontario can contact Landscape Ontario directly)
  • Register for your region’s next test to start the certification process and receive a study guide, plant list (for Softscape Installation and Ornamental Maintenance) and description of the testing stations
  • Once certified, maintain your certification by continuing your horticultural training.
  • Enjoy your status as one of North America’s finest horticultural professionals.

Order your training manuals today to start preparing for the exam!

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The CLT designation is an initiative of Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association.