Certified Landscape Technicians

The Landscape Industry Certified Technician designation demonstrates a high standard of excellence for the Landscape Technician profession. This provides Landscape Technicians with a valid way to communicate their professional status to their clients and employers.

Softscape Installation  Hardscape Installation  Turf Maintenance  Ornamental Maintenance  Interiors

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“The process is the best I know.  If you are recruiting staff and you have an applicant who produces his [Landscape Industry Certified Technician] certificate, you need but check his/her personal references.  The skill level is a given.”    – Vic Krahn, Landscape Industry Certified Technician

Landscape Industry Certified Retail Horticulturist

The Retail Horticulturist evaluation and designation is available for the retail garden centre sector. By providing professional recognition and wide skill set needed to those individuals in the horticultural industries who have demonstrated a high level of competence in the profession, the Technician/Retail Horticulturist program:

  • Raises the professional standards of individuals working within the ornamental horticultural industry.
  • Improves performance within the profession by encouraging participation in a continuing program of professional development.
  • Provides the public with a means of identifying qualified horticultural professionals.
  • Assists employees by giving them improved employment opportunities and options while encouraging their professional growth.
  • Assists employers in hiring qualified professional teams thereby improving the quality of work, training, wages, employee retention and company loyalty

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